Let’s see how long I can grow my hair in a year!



I cut my long locks off shortly after I had my youngest daughters.

Of course I miss my hair, I always seem too.


This picture is about a month or two after I cut my hair, it has already grown an inch or two.



Here I am now. My hair has grown quite a bit, but still not the desired length.

No. I am not wearing makeup… it is 5 o clock in the morning.. leave me alone 🙂

Anyway it has been around 4 months since I got my hair into an ultra short bob (jaw length) with a fringe. It has grown quite a bit, but I am very excited to watch my hair grow through out the year.

What I am doing

  • No trims. 
  • Massaging my scalp and hair with Evening Primrose Oil before a wash
  • Taking prenatals (as I am still breastfeeding)
  • Brushing my hair every other day.
  • Water Water Water
  • Washing hair only once a week

I  know I know the last one sounds gross, but if you haven’t frizzy dry hair than you wouldn’t understand anyway.




NYC Ultra Last Lip wear- REVIEW!-


Hey Lovelies!

So, my 3 year old and I ran to the dollar store today to pick up some things when I came across this NYC Ultra Last Lip wear. It was $2 and came in a few colours. I eventually got 417 “Flirty”.


This is the packaging that it came in. On the back it reads…

                                                      “Glide-on, slide-on lipstick! New York Color Ultra Last Lipwear gives you incredible color with real staying power. Formula feels conditioning with Vitamin E”


The case for the lipstick is nice, but clearly cheap. Very plastic-y feeling, and not much of a “click” when you put the lid on.


I do like, however, that they have both the name and number of the colour on the lipstick.

The first think I noticed when I put on the lipstick is that it doesn’t have great colour pay off. It took a few swipes to evenly distribute a nice coat of colour.

It isn’t very moisturizing, but I tend to have dry lips any way. A coat of chap stick underneath is a quick as easy fix for that.


Altogether, it is a pretty colour, and I can fix the dry-ness issue. I will probably use this lipstick up, but I don’t think I will buy it again.

  • Price is great…
  • Drying…
  • Not great colour pay off….
  • Pretty colours…
  • Scentless…
  • Last for a few hours…



Weekly Vlogs?


I kind of like the idea of doing weekly vlogs, but then again it will probably be hard for me to keep up. 

I am going to try though.

Do you beautifuls have any tips on how I can improve my videos? Or perhaps a tag you would like me to do?

Polka dot nails.


Hey beautifuls! Soaarrry for missing from blogging for a bit. It has been a very busy week.

But I here I am.

So, I did something special with my nails today. I am only a beginner, so be gentle with me. 


Polka dots yay!


It was actually surprisingly easy.

I used these two colours, mint green and mud purple.


The ring fingers I used the purple, and while those dried I did two layers of the mint green.

By the time I was done with those, the ring fingers were completely dry.


I saw this tip on one of the many nail tutorials you can find on youtube. Just take a bobby-pin and use one of the ends as a dot-er tool.


So, I just stuck it in the bottle of polish and gently made polka dots on the nails.

Super easy!

I also wiped the bobby-pin clean so that I can use it again next time I do my nails.


Autumn on Yoga


Okay, I’m not quite sure how you beautiful’s feel, but already I am looking forward to summer. Yes. I love fall. It is beautiful, fresh, crisp, and just down right lovely. But, I am the type of person that never seems to be content with the now, and instead looks towards the future. 

This can be bad in some ways, but in other it is… well motivating. I’m not the type to wait around for New Year’s to set some sort of goal, and since I want a beach body, I AM STARTING NOW.

Look, I love curvaceous women, thin women, women who are actually men. I think all of you are beautiful. I am not using the term “beach body” as a way of saying I want to lose weight. No. I just want things not to be so… droopy. What can I say, I had my daughter 6 months ago! Things aren’t exactly where they should be. 

So, I am going to do something about it. 


Yes yes..  I am one of those people that in this age of yoga, isn’t doing it. I have a lovely picture book on it and I am still simply to lazy too. I wasn’t always this lazy though. Before my two daughters, I would do yoga all the time. Though come to think of it.. I did live on a commune…

Anyway, my goal is to start a routine of yoga each day and work that body out. If I can accomplish this then in 8 months I will have one rocking body for summer.

There, I wrote it. It is now official! 

Wish me luck



Knock-off Cherry Limeade recipe



Hello again lovelies. So, today I am bringing you this Cherry Limeade recipe, because I am positive you are tired of pumpkin flavored things by now (of course it is almost time for eggnog!! wooohooo!)

Super easy, and really delicious.

So this is what you will need…


  • Sprite
  • Maraschino Cherry juice..? (The left-over liquid from a jar of maraschino cherries.)
  • Lime juice
  • Ice (optional)
  • And a cup!


First, I put the ice in the cup… such a complicated recipe…


Then the cherry juice-liquid. It is not an exact amount, the first time you do this just add a little then after putting in the remaining ingredients put more in to taste.


Next up is the lime juice. I am sure it would taste better to use fresh, but since this is what I have on hand it is what I am using.


And last up is Sprite. I do it in this order, because I like how the Sprite when I pour it in mixes with the other ingredients so I don’t have to mix it up with the straw as much. You can always add a maraschino cherry and lime slice for that extra pizzazz

Like I said before, the measurements depend on your taste. I like more cherry, while my husband prefers more lime.