Adorable today.





Do you guys also take the peter-pan collar off of your baby’s outgrown clothing and sew it onto your own? I don’t know how many times I look at her clothing and thought, “Geez I wish they made things like this for adults!”. Well after taking her clothing to buy-and-sell baby clothing places, and after they only bought the boys clothes, I set the clothing in a box waiting to take it to the Salvation Army. It has been sitting in my closet taking up too much space and being forgotten every time we go to the thrift store. Looking through the clothes, I realized that much of it is stained from food and well, I will be honest, POOP STAINS. Are they going to sell these or just throw them away? Most likely throw them away. So, sad. So many cute patterns, scrumptious buttons, and….. peter-pan collars.

Honestly, why the heck not make them into bows, collect the buttons, and use the collars?! I love having cute cloth to work with!!! 🙂

(**Sorry for the blurry pictures, I guess I kept moving!)


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