L.A. Colors- Mini Color Craze Nail Polish Review



Like I have said in other posts I adore L.A. Colors brand. But, most of the time nail polish is a completely different story. While I seem to keep makeup on very well, nail polish tends to barely stay on. I mean I am a mom! Hourly diaper changes, loads of dishes, cat box changing, cooking… you get the picture. So, basically my nail polishes tend to chip… a lot. 

This being said, I would like to review the “Mini Color Craze Nail Polishes”.

Last week end while my 3 year old and I were meandering our way around Family Dollar, we came across an L.A. Color set of Mini Craze nail polish. It was roughly 5 dollars for 12 different colours. We decided to buy it and try it out.


So, these are all the colours that we got. As you can see there are a wide variety of shades.

The first thing I painted were my toes. Since it was only a few days before Halloween, I decided that I would do a candy-corn theme. The polish went on smoothly and were true in colour. Unfortunately my toe-toes didn’t look like delicious candies. Although, that is not the polish’s fault, only my lack of skill.


The next test were my finger-nails. And that is a TEST! I am a mother. I wash dishes (with no gloves… I am such a rebel) change diapers, clean toilets.. yeah you get the picture. Basically, nail polish tends to chip a lot.


I chose this, what I like to call, Ballerina pink (I didn’t see any names on the polish bottles). I did one coat without any base coat or top coat. The polish stayed on for about 2 days before it began chipping. Which isn’t the best, but is common with how much cleaning I do. As you can see it is a beautiful bright color, and came off very easily when wiped with nail polish remover.


The next colour I chose was this Muddy Purple. Again I did only one coat without base or top coats. It stayed on about 2 days before it began chipping. It was also very easy to remove.


The most recent colour that I have used for my finger-nails is the Mint Green. I have to say it is probably my favourite colour out of all 12. This time I put on two coats, because it is such a light colour. No base or top coats. Since,  I have just put it on today I can’t say how long it will stay on. However, I am assuming that it will stay on for about 2 days.

Oddly enough my toe-nail polish stayed on throughout all my finger nail painting adventures. I just removed it today (it hadn’t even started chipping yet) and had a little trouble removing it. The yellow I used left a little yellow residue on my nails. I did get if off and decided to use a nice hot pink in its place.


So, here are the Pro’s and Con’s


  1. Nice bright colours
  2. Cheap
  3. Cruelty-free
  4. True to their colours
  5. Easy to remove (most of the time)
  6. Dries very fast


  1. Begins chipping after 2 days
  2. Lighter colours need two layers
  3. Some colours stain nail.

So there you go. Personally, I really like this nail polish. I don’t mind having to repaint it every few days, because I like changing up the colours. Plus, I am sure that if I invest in a nice base coat and top coat polish it will fix con’s 1 and 3.

Next time you see L.A. Color nail polish at the store try it! You’re only spending a dollar, and you might really like it.


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