NYC Ultra Last Lip wear- REVIEW!-


Hey Lovelies!

So, my 3 year old and I ran to the dollar store today to pick up some things when I came across this NYC Ultra Last Lip wear. It was $2 and came in a few colours. I eventually got 417 “Flirty”.


This is the packaging that it came in. On the back it reads…

                                                      “Glide-on, slide-on lipstick! New York Color Ultra Last Lipwear gives you incredible color with real staying power. Formula feels conditioning with Vitamin E”


The case for the lipstick is nice, but clearly cheap. Very plastic-y feeling, and not much of a “click” when you put the lid on.


I do like, however, that they have both the name and number of the colour on the lipstick.

The first think I noticed when I put on the lipstick is that it doesn’t have great colour pay off. It took a few swipes to evenly distribute a nice coat of colour.

It isn’t very moisturizing, but I tend to have dry lips any way. A coat of chap stick underneath is a quick as easy fix for that.


Altogether, it is a pretty colour, and I can fix the dry-ness issue. I will probably use this lipstick up, but I don’t think I will buy it again.

  • Price is great…
  • Drying…
  • Not great colour pay off….
  • Pretty colours…
  • Scentless…
  • Last for a few hours…




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