I am an Education student, looking forward to teaching Elementary students. I am a little quirky, just a touch of sassy, and a “whole lotta” rock’n’roll.
I am learning to play ukulele. I can’t sing AT ALL, but I do anyway. I love writing and drawing children’s books. I looovee hats, but rarely wear them.
I am American, but I like to write colour the British way. The same with favourite, and any other word like it. I put a line in the middle of my 7 when handwriting it. My algebra teacher did it once in middle school, and I have been doing it ever since. I only write in cursive, because it is so darn pretty.
I like tattoos, but get them in places that can be covered since I want to teach children.
My cat is meowing loudly outside, but I don’t want to let him in since our dog is also inside. I don’t want them to start playing and wake up the whole darn house. Hmmm.. predicament.


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