5 projects or games I want to do with my daughters (pinterest finds!)


1)  Create a reading nook! We don’t have any crib mattresses, but we have a toddler bed mattress that we can use!


(Source: http://www.rookiemoms.com/save-your-crib-mattress-to-create-a-reading-nook/)

2) Ninja wars! Use balloons with sharpie-d on faces and nerf guns to shoot them!


(Source: http://themetapicture.com/ballon-ninjas/)

3) Make a mini drive in theatre!


(Source: http://www.notjustahousewife.net/2012/05/3m-projector-review-and-150-target-giftcard-giveaway.html#comment-21796)

4) Side-walk chalk paint. (Recipe in source link)

(Source: http://blog.diapershops.com/summer-fun-with-homemade-sidewalk-chalk-paint)

5) Water transfer experiment (Oh and so much more on this site!)


(Source: http://wemadethat.blogspot.com/)


And it is Monday… again.


Don’t get me wrong. I usually LOVE Mondays. I love going out and seeing what the other adults in the world are doing (oh and they usually aren’t covered in baby food.. did you know that?!), but for the last few months Mondays have been driving me batty. Serves me right for deciding to take three classes (which includes a three hour night class)  on Mondays.

This means I probably won’t get much done in the house cleaning area. However, I am one of those lucky girls that caught a guy who is more OCD about a clean house than I am. So the hubby will clean while I am in class, but he won’t intense clean (his mom taught him well.. DON’T ever throw away something in the house with out talking to your wife first!!). I did get the kitchen done yesterday though, woohoo! Well, almost all done. I think everyone has that one drawer in the kitchen that is just a flail pile. Dead batteries, candle wax, and the like. I still have to go through that…

I was amazed with how many liquor bottles we had, especially since we don’t even drink liquor! Even though they were cool shaped, sadly I had to part with them and put them in recycling. I mean I had really no use for them, since they had no caps.

The three year old, A.J. was very interested in what I was doing, she even asked if she could help (after putting on her home-made apron that is). But, since it was the kitchen and we don’t allow her in the kitchen, I had to say no. Hopefully she will be enthusiastic about helping me clean out the play-room and organized her clothing. Of course, that could bite me in the tookus when we make piles for keep, donate and recycle. She is probably like her mommy and will want to keep everything.

Sunday, November the 3rd


It is Sunday. As, I am not religious (only spiritual), I find that I don’t have a huge day of church ahead of me. Saturdays are our days off. We tend to work on our college courses (my husband is an Anthropology student, and I am an Education student) and lay on the carpet with the girls playing with the random toys our 3 year old strings across our house, all the while hoping that the 6 month old will begin crawling.

We turned back the clocks, so waking up at my natural time I find that I have woken at 5:30 in the morning. I can’t sleep like usual, waking up at around 3 and rolling around in bed wondering if I will ever go back to sleep. I usually don’t. I find myself worried about the multiple papers due, yet I don’t find myself writing them. Instead I am wondering which habit I am going to change today. And it hits me.

The clutter.

    Yes, I am some-what of a hoarder. I love collecting glass jars (even though we have a recycling system in our city), and even those plastic coffee containers. They lay precariously in a cupboard in the kitchen just waiting to be used. From the four years that my husband and I have been married, we have collected much junk. Too much junk that is. We lived with very little before we were married, only a backpack each and drum. So, why does having children mean that we should have so many things? Of course there are things we should have to get by (notice I didn’t say need?). The children’s play-room is riddled with toys that are barely touched and clothes that are stringed across the closet much like vines in a jungle. The living room, kitchen and book/computer room are not much better. It is time to downsize.

    That is my goal this week. Three piles. Keep, Recycle, and Donate. Let me at it!

I’m Just Mommy.


It is funny. Well, funny and sad really. Growing up I envisioned how I would be as an adult, mother, and spouse, and yet I am nothing how I hoped, and still hope to be like. Everyday I tell my self “Okay tomorrow, you need to start doing this or that.” It works for a bit, but then stress and well, laziness tends to overtake me.

So, this is my blog. This is mommy blog. This is my inspiration to become the person I want to be. Amazing mother that teaches her children how to be good, well-educated, and thankful. I want to be a wife that provides and helps her husband provide for their children. I want to be a career women that knows what she wants, voices it, and gets it.

This is my journey to the women I wanted to be growing up.