What is in my bag/school bag tag!



I made a video lovelies!
First one, so be nice to me!

I don’t carry around much stuff, so it is a bit short. But hey it was fun!!!


OOTD November the 6th


This is today’s outfit of the day post. It was a very very casual day, as I only went to two classes.


Sorry about the poor quality, I had to use my laptop because my camera is dying.

So here I have those Mustard tights spotlighted in an earlier post. I paired it with cut off jeans shorts. I also wore a plain black sweater with a grey tank top layered underneath.


Since it was so casual of an outfit, I used this bohemian style bag as a backpack and purse.


You can see I am pushing up my large glasses, and on my feet I wore simple sneaker style flats. It was just super comfortable and I would like to believe somewhat stylish.

So that was my OOTD!

Coming up in my posts I have a drink recipe and a dessert recipe. So yay! I look forward to sharing those!