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I made a video lovelies!
First one, so be nice to me!

I don’t carry around much stuff, so it is a bit short. But hey it was fun!!!


Polka dot nails.


Hey beautifuls! Soaarrry for missing from blogging for a bit. It has been a very busy week.

But I here I am.

So, I did something special with my nails today. I am only a beginner, so be gentle with me. 


Polka dots yay!


It was actually surprisingly easy.

I used these two colours, mint green and mud purple.


The ring fingers I used the purple, and while those dried I did two layers of the mint green.

By the time I was done with those, the ring fingers were completely dry.


I saw this tip on one of the many nail tutorials you can find on youtube. Just take a bobby-pin and use one of the ends as a dot-er tool.


So, I just stuck it in the bottle of polish and gently made polka dots on the nails.

Super easy!

I also wiped the bobby-pin clean so that I can use it again next time I do my nails.


Wednesday’s Fashion Item: # 1 Mustard Tights.


It is the middle of the week. We are half done with the week, but we still have half to go. So, I thought why not start something interesting for my blog on Wednesdays. I will be choosing an item each Wednesday, and spotlighting it, and wearing it.

I am kind of a sucker for tights. They are well… simply adorable. For any girl that loves to wear skirts and dresses year round they are definitely a mainstay. I usually own dark tights. Greens, Blacks, Blues, Browns, but a few months ago when I was browsing the Forever 21 site I came across these opaque yellow tights. They were adorable, so I got them.


Now that the cold weather if finally upon us, I get to take these bad-boys out and wear them!

They are definitely my favourite fashion item this week!

The first way that I found to wear it is with a cute patterened peter-pan collar dress. This seems almost like a classic (Can any one else see Goldie Hawn giggling in a dress like this?)


The dress is a mini dress and paired with another patterned scarf, platform shoes and a leather jacket.

Another way that I found how to wear these Mustard tights is with high-waisted shorts over them, and a patterned shirt.


With these, she pairs them with loafers and a cardigan.

They are just so autumn-y.

Here are a few other inspirational outfits to try out!



In my next post, which will be an OOTD, I will show you how I am wearing them!!

October Favourites


Yes. I know I am a little late, but I do have some favourites that I would like to share. There are a few beauty, some kids stuff, and a few others!

Oh, almost forgot to ask. How are you doing today!?


Yes, yes I am rocking the large glasses. My contacts were irritating my eyes. Bleh. So on to the October favourites.

1) The first thing that is my favourite is…


Witch Hazel facial toner. I got this a while back, but recently I have been using it often as a make-up remover. I know that isn’t what it is made for, but it works very well for me. It smells good and feels good on the skin! I think I got it from a health store for roughly $4.

2) Next up we have another beauty item… or rather items…


I am kind of cheap, so when it comes to make-up I rather not spend a whole lot. When I saw these at the dollar store I thought “Well, why the heck not try? I mean they are only a dollar!” I am so glad I did. The mascara leaves my eyelashes dark and long with out clumping (unlike other NAME-BRAND mascaras). The eyeliner leaves a nice thick line of colour, stays on all day, yet comes off easily when washed. Oh, and did you know that the L.A. Colors brand is cruelty free!?!?!

3) The third thing on my favourites list is also a makeup…


It is the Maybelline Baby Lips in the colour “Cherry Me”. Since the cold weather has started my lips have been terribly chapped. This nourishes my lips while giving me a cute red tint. It also smells and tastes delicious.

4) Okay, okay.. we are done with beauty products. Let us see what is up next…


Oh yes, this scarf. It is a mint coloured scarf that is soft and warm. Plus I bought it at a garage sale for 25 CENTS!

5) My fifth favourite is a children’s book. I LOVE children’s books and this one ADORABLE.


My daughters had me read this book over and over and over again. It is about a little pumpkin whose biggest dream is to be a jack’o lantern on Halloween night.  The art is beautiful and the story is lovely.

6) This favourite is a movie that we borrowed from the library..


When I was a little girl, I loved the Laura Ingalls books. In fact I still have the set I got for Christmas! It is some what silly that although this movie entertains my daughters some what, my husband and I are completely glued to it. I suppose it just brings back memories of childhood.

7) Candy, that is all I have to say!


This candy in particular!

8) And the last is something I also bought from the dollar store…


The colours are so autumn-y and it is perfect to take to class and refill with water. It was roughly $3, which isn’t bad I guess. BPA free, and can hold hot or cold liquids. I have yet to use it for coffee and tea, but believe me… I will.

So those were my October favourite!

What are yours?