Autumn on Yoga


Okay, I’m not quite sure how you beautiful’s feel, but already I am looking forward to summer. Yes. I love fall. It is beautiful, fresh, crisp, and just down right lovely. But, I am the type of person that never seems to be content with the now, and instead looks towards the future. 

This can be bad in some ways, but in other it is… well motivating. I’m not the type to wait around for New Year’s to set some sort of goal, and since I want a beach body, I AM STARTING NOW.

Look, I love curvaceous women, thin women, women who are actually men. I think all of you are beautiful. I am not using the term “beach body” as a way of saying I want to lose weight. No. I just want things not to be so… droopy. What can I say, I had my daughter 6 months ago! Things aren’t exactly where they should be. 

So, I am going to do something about it. 


Yes yes..  I am one of those people that in this age of yoga, isn’t doing it. I have a lovely picture book on it and I am still simply to lazy too. I wasn’t always this lazy though. Before my two daughters, I would do yoga all the time. Though come to think of it.. I did live on a commune…

Anyway, my goal is to start a routine of yoga each day and work that body out. If I can accomplish this then in 8 months I will have one rocking body for summer.

There, I wrote it. It is now official! 

Wish me luck