Polka dot nails.


Hey beautifuls! Soaarrry for missing from blogging for a bit. It has been a very busy week.

But I here I am.

So, I did something special with my nails today. I am only a beginner, so be gentle with me. 


Polka dots yay!


It was actually surprisingly easy.

I used these two colours, mint green and mud purple.


The ring fingers I used the purple, and while those dried I did two layers of the mint green.

By the time I was done with those, the ring fingers were completely dry.


I saw this tip on one of the many nail tutorials you can find on youtube. Just take a bobby-pin and use one of the ends as a dot-er tool.


So, I just stuck it in the bottle of polish and gently made polka dots on the nails.

Super easy!

I also wiped the bobby-pin clean so that I can use it again next time I do my nails.



Wednesday’s Fashion Item: # 1 Mustard Tights.


It is the middle of the week. We are half done with the week, but we still have half to go. So, I thought why not start something interesting for my blog on Wednesdays. I will be choosing an item each Wednesday, and spotlighting it, and wearing it.

I am kind of a sucker for tights. They are well… simply adorable. For any girl that loves to wear skirts and dresses year round they are definitely a mainstay. I usually own dark tights. Greens, Blacks, Blues, Browns, but a few months ago when I was browsing the Forever 21 site I came across these opaque yellow tights. They were adorable, so I got them.


Now that the cold weather if finally upon us, I get to take these bad-boys out and wear them!

They are definitely my favourite fashion item this week!

The first way that I found to wear it is with a cute patterened peter-pan collar dress. This seems almost like a classic (Can any one else see Goldie Hawn giggling in a dress like this?)


The dress is a mini dress and paired with another patterned scarf, platform shoes and a leather jacket.

Another way that I found how to wear these Mustard tights is with high-waisted shorts over them, and a patterned shirt.


With these, she pairs them with loafers and a cardigan.

They are just so autumn-y.

Here are a few other inspirational outfits to try out!



In my next post, which will be an OOTD, I will show you how I am wearing them!!